Trading Psychology & Selling Commodity Options

Trading Psychology: The Disposition Effect & Mental Balance Without the right trading psychology, trade management is almost impossible.  The disposition effect is the tendency for an investor to take profits too quickly while holding on […] Read More

An Introduction to Seasonal Commodity Trading

 A Winning Strategy – Seasonal Commodity Trading There’s money in seasonal commodity trading. Get an extra edge by partnering with Mother Nature.  Many commodities have strong period price patterns that can allow an investor to […] Read More

Making Money While You Sleep with Short Strangles

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Turn Your Option Trading Experience Into Income

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FAQ: Learning to Sell Commodity Options

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Selling Options with Seasonal Patterns

Selling Options Successfully Using Seasonal Patterns of Prices Seasonal patterns can produce high probability trades. This is what an options distribution probability looks like when there is an equal chance for the underlying’s price to go […] Read More

Commodity Broker ThinkOrSwim TOS and Cannon Trading Selling Commodity Options

A commodity broker perfect for selling commodity options. Many are using Think Or Swim (TOS), a trademarked software platform from TD Ameritrade. It is one of the most popular option trading platforms in the USA.  […] Read More

Selling Commodity Options: Why Aren’t More People Doing This

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Selling Options to Turn Cotton to Cash

One of the best tools to help when selling cotton options, or any commodity ag options, is the PRICE-to-INVENTORY data displayed in the analysis of agricultural commodities.  It exemplifies the basic economic principle of supply-demand.  This […] Read More

Sell Options for Income – Start Your Own Business

Option Selling: It’s a new wave: Millions of investors are starting their own business by learning to sell options using deep-discount on-line brokers.  Selling commodity options is one of the fastest-growing and popular strategies in […] Read More