Turn Your Option Trading Experience Into Income

Leave Stock Market Volatility Behind by Selling Options  

If you have some option trading experience, you already know that using options is a smart way to earn income.  You might also know that 80% or more of options expire worthless.  I can teach you how to sell commodity options with a 90 to 95% chance of expiring worthless.  Pro traders do it everyday.  There’s no secret to it.  I’ll tell how right now.

Instead of trading stock options, try selling Commodity Options, here’s why:

  • SPAN minimum margins get you MORE PREMIUM (higher ROI) than stock options
  • Commodity Option values do NOT track the volatile stock market
  • You trade on the physical value of the commodity, not an earnings multiple
  • Ag Options have very strong Seasonal Patterns, stocks have none
  • Trade on Supply-Demand Fundamentals, no guessing technical indicators


5 Parameters to Selling Commodity Options Successfully:

  1. Learn to Sell very far Out-of-The-Money STRIKES with over 90% chance of expiring OTM
  2. Select trades where Seasonal Price Trends can Lower Risk by harmonizing with Mother Nature.  I’ll give you seasonal price charts.
  3. I’ll show you how to use FREE Data and Research from Major Ag Universities and the USDA.  How to find and use USDA reports for your trading.
  4. Have a Predetermined Money Management Plan.  It’s simple and I’ll show you how.
  5. Trade Online using Deep Discount Commissions for Increased Returns. How to find low commissions and all the help you need.


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Ultra-Low Delta/High Probability: Learn this strategy and use it for a lifetime of income. You get the most recent THREE MONTHS of my personal trades with chart and data.  


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Here is a recent trade with 33% return:


Thank you – Don


The commentary and examples are for teaching purposes only and are not intended to be a trading or trade advisory service. Any investments, trades, and/or speculations made in light of  the ideas, opinions, and/or forecasts, expressed or implied herein on the web site and/or newsletter, are committed at your own risk, financial or otherwise. Trading with leverage could lead to greater loss than your initial deposit. Trade at your own risk.   Investors and traders are responsible for their own investment/trading decisions including entries, exits, position, sizing and  use of stops or lack thereof.  This is not a trade advisory service and is for educational purposes only.

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