Month: July 2018

Selling Crude Oil Options: Black Gold “Texas Tea”

Crude Oil Options: Is Texas Tea going UP or DOWN next? Crude Oil Options are ripe for picking. It’s nearing the last week in July 2018  and Crude Oil is about $66 per barrel.  Just […] Read More

Tariff Disputes Create Opportunity for Selling Soybean PUT Options

 Tariffs Create Opportunity for Soybean PUT Options Soybean PUT options: Look at this huge drop in Soybean prices basis the NOV-2018 contract.  Due to recent tariff disputes –  Soybeans prices have dropped nearly as much […] Read More

Trading Psychology & Selling Commodity Options

Trading Psychology: The Disposition Effect & Mental Balance Without the right trading psychology, trade management is almost impossible.  The disposition effect is the tendency for an investor to take profits too quickly while holding on […] Read More

An Introduction to Seasonal Commodity Trading

 A Winning Strategy – Seasonal Commodity Trading There’s money in seasonal commodity trading. Get an extra edge by partnering with Mother Nature.  Many commodities have strong period price patterns that can allow an investor to […] Read More