Month: August 2018

Selling Commodity Options Five Rules for Success

Option Trading Rules-of-Thumb for Success These Five Option Trading Rules-of-Thumb can help you succeed.  This is a simple way to remember some major points to help you succeed.  Just remember this:  25-50%, 50%, 70%, 90%, […] Read More

Futures Symbols List

Futures Symbols List For your convenience the following PDF file with futures symbols is provided with a list of: Futures Symbols Month Codes Delivery Months Minimum Tick Unit Values Download them free PDF at this […] Read More

When to Take Profits on Your Trades

Are You Taking Profits Too Soon? Trade Management: When to take profits on a trade is as much art as science.  The two most common mistakes with almost all traders is either taking profits too […] Read More

How to Stop Loss in Trading

Knowing How to Stop Loss is the Key to Account Survival A stop loss that works: There is a trader who never has losses and always make money on every trade; he/she exists only in […] Read More