Month: November 2017

Commodity Contract Option Specifications

When you trade a specific commodity option, you will need to know the Commodity contract option specifications what are called the “Contract Specs” or contract specifications.  This means the units that each, the contract and […] Read More

How Small/Medium Investors Can Minimize Losses

The key to good money management will minimize losses when selling options. The reason the above Mark Twain quote is so funny, is that we know it’s true.  Yet, most investors have learned the hard […] Read More

Seasonal Wheat Prices Come With Opportunities

The prime reason to sell far OTM (Out-of-the-Money) options on agricultural commodities is that the annual price trends depend heavily on mother nature.  Crops like wheat, corn, oats, and soybeans are of course planted each […] Read More

You Have To Take Care of Yourself

Selling Commodity Options is not beyond you.  Many financial advisors may avoid certain subjects when you allow them to “choose what is appropriate for you.”  Their mission is to match you with an investment that […] Read More