Month: February 2018

Sell Options for Income – Start Your Own Business

Option Selling: It’s a new wave: Millions of investors are starting their own business by learning to sell options using deep-discount on-line brokers.  Selling commodity options is one of the fastest-growing and popular strategies in […] Read More

Grains + Brains = Profits in 2018: Selling Commodity Options

These are the 3 components of selling commodity options successfully: Understanding the Power of Seasonal Price Patterns and Trading in Harmony with them. Using Market Fundamentals in Price Forecasting. Selling only high-probability options Very Far […] Read More

Short Strangle Strategy Can Make Money Even While You Sleep

If you trading options was complicated, watch this! A SHORT STRANGLE is:  When you sell an out-of-the-money CALL and PUT at the same time, collecting a credit to your account.  If the underlying (futures contract) […] Read More

Rising Interest Rates Bring Income Opportunity: $US Dollar, and the Price of Gold: Correlations

Around the first of February 2018,  Fed comments suggested at least three and probably four rate hikes of 1/4% for the year.  The $US dollar index ($DXY) recently hit multi-year lows.  One of the reasons […] Read More