Grains + Brains = Profits in 2018: Selling Commodity Options

These are the 3 components of selling commodity options successfully:

  1. Understanding the Power of Seasonal Price Patterns and Trading in Harmony with them.
  2. Using Market Fundamentals in Price Forecasting.
  3. Selling only high-probability options Very Far Out-of-the-Money & Ultra-Low-Delta where prices are not likely to go.

1. Understanding the Power of Seasonal Price Patterns:

In the second half of the calendar year, Corn prices drop as harvest progresses and risk to the crop is decreasing.

2.  Market Fundamentals in Price Forecasting

How to Find & Use Basic Supply-Demand Data to Help you Determine Where Prices WON’T Go:
The USDA publishes monthly reports (they are free!) that estimate/project: Stocks, Exports, Acres Planted, Estimate Yield, Crop Size, Sales (Shipments of product), and the Ending Stocks (supplies of product on hand = supply.)  Here’s a few simple illustrations provided with USDA information and the Kansas State Univ that indicate “Ending Stocks vs. Average Price Expectations” for 2018:


Thousands of Calculations based on Supply-Demand are Used to Construct Charts like this one to produce a very concise snapshot of market fundamentals. 


You can easily see how supply-demand data (called ‘market fundamentals’) is used to view a current crop in an historical context.


Reading fundamental data and seasonal price patterns is vital in determining which STRIKES to sell that have a very high probability of expiring worthless.

3.  Selling Only Utra-Low-Delta, Far Out-of-the-Money, High-Probability Option Strikes

The free trading software of your on-line discount broker’s software does all the math to allow you to find high probability trades – and we’ll teach you how to do this the easy way in our Time Farming Training Bulletin  A free 60-day trial is available here, read more…


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Grains + Brains for 2018 Trading

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Create your Second Income in 2018







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