Month: October 2017

Natural Gas – Seasonal Trend Brings Opportunities

Post Date of this article:  Saturday/ October 28, 2017: Natural Gas posted 1-1/2 year lows back in mid-October (2017) basis the DEC17 contract.  Just yesterday, the JAN18 contract fell sharply.  Here is the 15-year average […] Read More

Times They Are A Changing

Things Have Changed: 20 Years ago the Internet was young.  15 Years ago, the online discount brokers were new and gaining popularity.  10 Years ago, the iPhone was just introduced.  And NOW you can trade […] Read More

Diversify from the DOW and S&P 500 -Safety in the Commodities Alternative

We’ve all made a lot of money with the DOW rising almost 27% in the last year. The DOW is now at 23,000+  and most agree there may be more UP before any major adjustment.  As […] Read More

When to Close Out Winning Trades

One of the questions I’m asked most often is:  How do I know when to close my short option trade when it’s a winner? You placed a high-probability trade on a calculated risk. The trade […] Read More

There’s Gold in Them Thar Options!

Date: October 20, 2017: Almost everybody likes the idea of using a home computer to make money.  There is a way that Selling Commodity Options on the precious metal can likely put some cash in […] Read More

Learning about Casino Slot Machines Can Make You Money

Of all the ways to gamble in a casino, the humble Slot Machine is the #1 money maker for a casino.  Slot machines typically pay out about 98% of all the money they take in […] Read More

There’s an Easier Way to Trade: Advantages for Small and Medium Investors

When a trader writes (sells) options: The more time until the expiration date of the option – the more risky the trade becomes.  There’s more time for something to go wrong.  Another way to say […] Read More

How Can “Time Farming” Produce Monthly Income

Selling far OTM (Out-of-the-Money) options on commodity contracts is a strategy that sells options not likely to be ITM (in-the-money) – and then letting the options value decay.  As these options are sold, their price […] Read More

Welcome to Selling Commodity Options: #1 Option Strategy In the World

The information here is a series of articles to help my readers and the visitors here learn to use what has to be one of the greatest strategies of all time. I’ll be posting articles here […] Read More