An Introduction to Seasonal Commodity Trading

 A Winning Strategy – Seasonal Commodity Trading

There’s money in seasonal commodity trading. Get an extra edge by partnering with Mother Nature.  Many commodities have strong period price patterns that can allow an investor to craft trades in harmony with growing seasons and weather patterns.  Combining high-probability options trades with these seasonal patterns can create an extra edge for investors.


See why we call this the #1 Option Strategy in the World.  Selling selected very far out-of-the-money strikes does not require that a trader must target both the time and amplitude of price movement.  It only requires the selection of where prices mostly likely WILL NOT go.  This makes trading much easier as you will see.

Digital progress now makes it practical for personal investors to use this strategy that was previously only for money managers and very wealthy investors.  For years, investment counselors and almost all financial planners – have told small and medium personal investors that commodity trading was too risky, too complicated, and that they could not afford this kind of trading.  Download this free booklet and see how things have changed.  Thousands of personal investors are escaping stock market volatility by exploring this venue as an income strategy.  We’ll show you the easy way to trade smarter.

A FREE Introduction to Seasonal Commodity Trading




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