Grains + Brains = Profits in 2018: Selling Commodity Options

These are the 3 components of selling commodity options successfully: Understanding the Power of Seasonal Price Patterns and Trading in Harmony with them. Using Market Fundamentals in Price Forecasting. Selling only high-probability options Very Far […] Read More

Short Strangle Strategy Can Make Money Even While You Sleep

If you trading options was complicated, watch this! A SHORT STRANGLE is:  When you sell an out-of-the-money CALL and PUT at the same time, collecting a credit to your account.  If the underlying (futures contract) […] Read More

Rising Interest Rates Bring Income Opportunity: $US Dollar, and the Price of Gold: Correlations

Around the first of February 2018,  Fed comments suggested at least three and probably four rate hikes of 1/4% for the year.  The $US dollar index ($DXY) recently hit multi-year lows.  One of the reasons […] Read More

The Speedometer of Trading: Return On Investment (ROI) and The Rule of 72

An experienced trader in selling commodity options or any other investment should know her ROI, Return On Investment.  This is the primary way to know “the bang for the buck” an investor is achieving.  For […] Read More

The Huge Advantages of Selling Commodity Options over Stock Options

Why consider selling options? More than 80% of  all options expire worthless.  These incredible odds are why thousands of new traders join the ranks of option-sellers every month.  But there’s more:  There are inherent advantages […] Read More

Build a Second Income Selling Commodity Options

  Building additional income by selling commodity options: You can operate from your computer or device, work the hours you choose, and you don’t have to invest a lot of money to build your own […] Read More

How One Trade Can Be Used Multiple Times for Layered Income

I post my personal trades for income in my newsletter on selling commodity options, Time Farming Training Bulletin. On September 29, 2017, I sold the 1500-strike DEC17 Gold CALL for $40 per option. On October […] Read More

HOW TIME FARMING WORKS: Shorted 540 March 2018 CALL on CBOT Wheat back on NOV 15th.

Selling Commodity Options is a great way to trade for income. Back on November 15, 2017, I shorted (sold) the 540 MAR18 Wheat CALL for 1.5 cents ($75 each).  You can read the Wheat Fundamentals by […] Read More

Two Things Professional Traders Control to Consistently Make Money

I’ve talked with thousands of option traders and they have one thing in common. From the day they first began to learn about options, they’ve been looking for a trading method to consistently make money.  […] Read More

Commodity Contract Option Specifications

When you trade a specific commodity option, you will need to know the Commodity contract option specifications what are called the “Contract Specs” or contract specifications.  This means the units that each, the contract and […] Read More