Build a Second Income Selling Commodity Options


Building additional income by selling commodity options: You can operate from your computer or device, work the hours you choose, and you don’t have to invest a lot of money to build your own business.  And nobody wants to be glued to the computer screen all day under high stress.

Wherever you go, you business goes with you.

 The average millionaire has seven sources of income.
None of us mind putting in a little work, provided we can see the rewards are worth it.  Learning a new investment strategy is a superb way to invest in yourself but only if it works for you.

Think of all the jobs that exist today that were unheard of just five or ten years ago.  Remember the smart-phone just turned 10 years old and it’s changed almost everyone’s life.

For those willing to learn just one innovative investment strategy, the rewards can be substantial.

New technology has turned Selling Commodity Options, a strategy professional investors have used for years, into a realistic opportunity for small and medium personal investors.  Super-discounted commissions and amazing free broker-provided software (like “ThinkOrSwim” and others) have opened the doors to new a new opportunity.

Article on Income in 2018 Using Gold options: HERE

Here’s what I offer:  A free 60-day trial, a blog with educational articles, and a newsletter that offers you the same trades I use in my own personal account.  You can follow along with my trades, and see how it works without spending  even one dime of your money.  I don’t TALK about results, I’ll show you in real time.


The snake oil people (rhymes with Chuck) will require you to spend thousands of dollars  ($6k) to find out how to use their system.

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I will send you all the trades I have placed in my own account for the last 90 days, and you can read the “how and why” I placed these trades – and then, for a full 60-days you can read about my trades the same day I make them. Then decide for yourself  if  it’s something you can use.  My new book is about Selling Commodity Options.

-Don A. Singletary

PS: ThinkOrSwim has a free paper trade account for every account, a place for you to try and test ideas and strategies free!

Don A. Singletary is a veteran 30-year commodity trader who worked as a private consultant for large corporations for over 25 years to help his clients implement commodity options into their risk-management trading accounts.  He has written for Stocks & Commodities Magazine, Futures Magazine, and been published in numerous blogs and radio programs.  He is not a broker, trade advisor, or money manager– but a writer and educator who helps small and medium investors find ways to use their home computers and investment accounts to build financial security.  He is author of several best-selling investment books including Options Exposed – The Most Popular and Profitable Option Strategies of All Time.  His latest book: Selling Commodity Options – The Time Farming Income Machine is acclaimed for it’s plain language approach to selling commodity options.

Don A. Singletary


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