High Probability Trading

Identifying High Probability Trading This is all about high probability trading – and that means finding Ultra-Low Delta commodity options to sell.  By high-probability I mean finding those options to sell and collect the credit […] Read More

Futures Trading and USDA Reports

USDA Reports in Futures Trading Futures trading and USDA reports go hand-in-hand.  The most reliable way to keep track of crop fundamentals in the United States and the world is to take advantage of the […] Read More

Trading Options to Turn Time into Money

How to Use Options to Turn Time into Money In my newsletter, the TIME FARMING TRAINING BULLETIN, we teach people to turn time into money by trading options.  About 80% of options expire worthless anyway, […] Read More

Passive Income Ladders

Building Regular Income Using Staggered Option Selling Using passive income ladders is a technique used by many option-sellers to schedule recurrent income.  For traders with an account large enough to provide ample margin deposits, this strategy […] Read More

Selling Commodity Options Five Rules for Success

Option Trading Rules-of-Thumb for Success These Five Option Trading Rules-of-Thumb can help you succeed.  This is a simple way to remember some major points to help you succeed.  Just remember this:  25-50%, 50%, 70%, 90%, […] Read More

Futures Symbols List

Futures Symbols List For your convenience the following PDF file with futures symbols is provided with a list of: Futures Symbols Month Codes Delivery Months Minimum Tick Unit Values Download them free PDF at this […] Read More

When to Take Profits on Your Trades

Are You Taking Profits Too Soon? Trade Management: When to take profits on a trade is as much art as science.  The two most common mistakes with almost all traders is either taking profits too […] Read More

How to Stop Loss in Trading

Knowing How to Stop Loss is the Key to Account Survival A stop loss that works: There is a trader who never has losses and always make money on every trade; he/she exists only in […] Read More

Selling Crude Oil Options: Black Gold “Texas Tea”

Crude Oil Options: Is Texas Tea going UP or DOWN next? Crude Oil Options are ripe for picking. It’s nearing the last week in July 2018  and Crude Oil is about $66 per barrel.  Just […] Read More

Tariff Disputes Create Opportunity for Selling Soybean PUT Options

 Tariffs Create Opportunity for Soybean PUT Options Soybean PUT options: Look at this huge drop in Soybean prices basis the NOV-2018 contract.  Due to recent tariff disputes –  Soybeans prices have dropped nearly as much […] Read More