Trading the New Most-Popular Stock Index Futures: The Micro e-Minis

480,000 Contracts Traded in the First Week of New Micro Futures

This article is not about selling options.  I thought readers might like to know more about a really new fantastic Futures product.  The S&P500 Index was first listed all the way back in 1982.  The index value grew over the years and got too expensive to trade for most individual investors, so the E-Mini S&P500 was introduced in 1997.

Again the S&P500 Index grew so much that even trading the E-Mini required about a $6,000 margin.  So in May 2019, the Chicago Merc introduced a new, smaller, lower-risk series of Stock Index Futures, the new Micro-E-minis that are 1/10th the size of the E-Mini’s.  They are ideal for Day Trading for home-investors and the margin to trade a contract is only around $650.  Commissions (it varies from broker to broker) are only $1.00 or under (plus exch fee.)

You can Day Trade the Dow Average (DJIA) for only Fifty-Cents a Point!

Trade the S&P500 Index for $5 or NASDAQ100 for only $2.00 a point

Futures trading is now affordable, so traders can learn to trade the stock index Futures without taking the large risk!  The four new Micro Stock Index Futures are setting records as the most popular futures every introduced.

 I have rushed to put out the very first book on that is exclusively about introducing beginning traders to the new Micro Futures.  Here’s a video I just put up that is a short introduction to these new micro futures contracts.  Please pass the link on to a friend.  The new book I just published this week is for BEGINNERS, for those who have never traded futures at all, or even stocks.  

Thanks, hope you enjoy the video – Don

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