TastyTrade: See it, Click it, Trade it Save up to 50%

Is TastyTrade the ThinkOrSwim Next Generation?

TastyTrade Review 2019: ThinkOrSwim is great. I’ve been using it since 2003.  The fact that it served as the ‘top gun’ trading platform for 20 years is remarkable – few things in the fast-paced digital world last that long.  The same creative team that created TOS has now created TastyTrade.  Here’s a new short video with some info:

Update: TASTYTRADE now has $00.00 reduced commissions on all stock trades so ZERO.

Check out TastyWorks, here’s my affiliate link to them:   HERE  or  Click this button please:

Here’s the commission rates for Futures and Options on Futures: The options and futures are $2.50 per Round Trip (plus exchange fees.)  Notice they also have a special rate for the new “Micro” futures contracts on the S&P 500, Russell, DOW Avg, and NASDAQ Index. They are 1/10th of the “mini” like e-Mini and the margins are 1/10th also.


By the way, TastyTrade also serves about 70 countries internationally – even though they only started up in 2017.

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