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When to Take Profits on Your Trades

Are You Taking Profits Too Soon? Trade Management: When to take profits on a trade is as much art as science.  The two most common mistakes with almost all traders is either taking profits too […] Read More

How to Stop Loss in Trading

Knowing How to Stop Loss is the Key to Account Survival A stop loss that works: There is a trader who never has losses and always make money on every trade; he/she exists only in […] Read More

Trading Psychology & Selling Commodity Options

Trading Psychology: The Disposition Effect & Mental Balance Without the right trading psychology, trade management is almost impossible.  The disposition effect is the tendency for an investor to take profits too quickly while holding on […] Read More

FAQ: Learning to Sell Commodity Options

Frequently Asked Questions:  Selling Commodity Options for Income Option Selling  for Income is not as common as you might think, even though professional traders do it every day. I get a lot of great questions as […] Read More