Time Farming Strategy

Welcome.  Pro Strategy for Income: selling very far Out-of-the-Money options on ag commodity contracts.  Once in a while, perhaps only every ten years or so, there comes along a method of trading that is relatively new to the small and medium size investor that truly lives up to its claims.  This is it.

  • This method is quite different than selling stock options  because options on commodities offer up larger profits due to the unique leveraging advantages.
  • The Time-Farming trades usually have a very high probability of success, normally 95% or higher.
  • The income from these trades is not correlated to the ups, downs, and whims of the stock market – so you can build an income stream not correlated to stocks. 

This type of trading is illustrated and discussed in my book, Selling Commodity Options – The Time Farming Income Machine available at this link on Amazon .    A full description of the book is available there – and you can “Look Inside” to read the first chapter.

Realizing that a great many readers are not fully familiar with trading options on commodities, I created a newsletter,  The Time Farming Training Bulletin, for those who want or need a source of charts, comments, and illustrated trades.  It is a subscriber-based newsletter – now you can request a FREE 60-day trial – and follow along with my personal trading positions.  I share my thinking, commentary, charts, seasonal trend information, and more.  By following my actual trades in real time (same day), you’ll be able to learn faster so you can formulate your own trading ideas.  No credit card required for the FREE 60-DAY Trial, only your name and email.

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