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Selling Commodity Options A Smoother Better Smarter Way to Make Money

Welcome to the blog for the “Time Farming” method of making money.  Medium and small investors are selling very far Out-Of-the-Money options on agricultural commodities to create income streams.


Once in a while, every ten years or so, there comes along a strategy for medium and small investors that actually lives up to the claims it makes. This is it.  I am not a broker or a trade advisor.  I am a writer and educator and former commodity risk management consultant to large corporations for over 25 years.

I privately publish this blog for free, and I have a subscriber-based newsletter, the Time Farming Training Bulletin.   In the training bulletins I send out all the trades I place in my private accounts along with charts, commentary, fundamental analysis, and explain the how/why of my trades - so you can evaluate them for yourself and learn to use this valuable strategy.  A free 60-day trial is available.

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This method is described in detail in my book: Selling Commodity Options - The Time Farming Income Machine, (<$20) Thank you. - Don A. Singletary

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